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The shade would sure be nice… 

Crayon Colors
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A cartoon by Michael Maslin. Take a look at more cartoons from this week’s issue:

Photo of the Day: Calm Morning
Photography by Angela B. Pan (Fairfax, Virginia); Santa Cruz, California

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This week’s cover story: Can Nike beat Adidas in the war for soccer revenue?

WORD OF THE DAY: Pandemonium (noun) - noisy, confusing, disorder


It’s children’s book week this week, the perfect time to visit the Library’s exhibition The ABC Of It. Say hello to familiar friends Winnie the Pooh and Mary Poppins, stop by and listen a while to E.B. White reading Charlotte’s Web, raise a ruckus with Judy Blume and J.K. Rowling, then pop over to the Green Room and say goodnight to the moon. Bring yourself or your favorite little one and relive the classic tales of childhood.

WOW! All you NYC Smarties should go check this out :)
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